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The IRS in the Year 2014



The year 2014

I woke up today owing the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) $176,000

       I called the IRS and asked for an extension, they gave me a 90 day extension which cost $2,000.  The amount of the current debt they claim I owe them is $174,000, but since I got an extension it’s now $176,000.

    My whole point about this little issue is the IRS is a monster in the United States that has to go.  You just can’t imprison an American Citizen into debt because you are some kind of great dictator organization.

I was entitled to a $700.00 dollar refund this year, so they just took that off of my current debt…

     Until the United States of America has a civil war and attacks the IRS as their primary target, all the things attached to the IRS will continue such as political corruption, police corruption and presidents who walk with a bounce; as if they had a rubber ball on the heel of their foot, simultaneously supporting fag homosexuals in the military and every segment and fiber of life in the United States.

There is simply so much to be said on this subject. But every citizen of the world should now know for a fact that the IRS which is a private contractor for the United States Government is operating a illegal operation and the people who are the victims of this evil need to stop it before the United States evaporates into thin air because of the millions and billions of evil bacteria that the IRS people currently carry.

The country of the United States may die, but the evil bacteria that have infiltrated the IRS will continue to live for centuries eating all the flesh off the bones of the people of the United States…


 You people of the United States wake up and abolish the IRS.  Get rid of the agency and put new glorified Christian people working in the New IRS with Christian values and basic codes of ethics for human life!

The way you people get rid of the IRS is by storming the IRS buildings with your fists, knifes and guns and eliminating the bacteria in every city the IRS has a building.

Now that’s a revolution targeting the right agency with enough motivation to finish the job because everyone hates the IRS stealing money from their paycheck.

If you ever had a single dollar stolen out of your paycheck by the IRS, well… You know what I’m talking about. It’s always a dollar one too many the thieves have robbed from you.

Giving money to city roads should be voluntary; giving money to God through your favorite church should be endorsed by the United States Government, not considered a crime by a bunch of fags embedded in the United States Government who believe God does not exist.

America simply observes the facts...  The tax man is getting more aggressive by the second and simply needs to be put to sleep! If this were some sort of out of control dog on the street biting people every five minutes the Smith & Wesson dog pound would have already euthanized the dog.

I’m simply asking the American people to fight for their pay check and surgically take down your IRS building as soon as possible for the general good health of America!

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