The Automation of Moving Forward with the Human Race in the Year 2014



 I’m going to start this off by acknowledging God when in his living word the “Bible”…  He wants us to multiply and subdue the earth.


History proves the fact God is never wrong…  When all these knee jerking people who are elites want to spend millions and billions of American tax payer dollars to reduce births and kill existing world wide humans is totally evil and unnecessary. is the current answer to today's over population problem.  Somewhere in the neighborhood of a 20 X 30 foot green house is the technology to produce fresh healthy fish and all the various vegetables you desire to feed up to 8 people for ever, with 90% percent less water that is currently used in conventional farming.


When children go to elementary school, the first thing they should learn is how to put up a portable unit in their back yard…


But guess what?


The elites some how eliminated the back yards in most new housing projects in the United States and other parts of the world…


Total independence from the “Grid” has now become less of a reality for the majority until the home owner pays off their 30 year mortgage and somehow learns how to build a unit in their backyard that is only large enough for a small bird cage.


Food, Shelter and clothing should be the major concern of 100% of the world’s population.  We have now conquered the food problem for the world, the next step is conquering the logistics in implementing these units in people’s backyards and re-inventing the wheel to give the world nutritious organic food to live on.


Once again the only problem we face as a civilization is the United Nations located in New York City, in the United States of America. Bill Gates, Ted Turner, Hillary Clinton and numerous other elite people who united and uniformly believe the opposite of what God believes, which is population control and population reduction, which logically is plain stupid!


Let me explain…


If you have a large population you need young people still in their 20’s to take care of the infrastructure that takes care of the older people. A young woman’s vagina that is in her 20’s will revitalize a single divorced man who is in his 40’s like a bottle of youth medicine.  A 40 year old female vagina “Can Not” bring back the youth of a 40 year old divorced male the same way a young 20 year old female can…


 It’s simply a gift from God in his secret creation of man. The method in getting revitalized is by sticking a males face in the females vagina as she rubs her vaginal juice into the mans mouth,  rub the moist wet vagina on the face of a 40 year old plus man for a least 3 to 4 minutes and allow the hot stimulated juice to be swallowed by the male.  The voice of the male should immediately change along with a dose of youth medicine that will stimulate the male along with other females who can smell the juice of the young female in her 20’s. 


The smell of the females vaginal juice on the 40 year old mans face will attract numerous living creatures to the revitalized male, until he takes a shower and gets rid of the vaginal youth smell.  This is a mystery that God has created in the human DNA.


 God has many mysterious secrets embedded in our DNA that we yet have not discovered…


An example of how stupid man can be is: when Hoover Dam was being built in Boulder City, Nevada, next to Las Vegas, Nevada, the men where dying as they were building the dam.  It took months if not years of research to find out why?


  The great scientist and doctors of the American 1930’s era finally figured out the reason the men where dying like flies, the reason was: the dam workers were getting dehydrated from the heat of the sun and they needed to consistently be drinking more water on the job to survive out there hanging on the side of the dam by a rope or cable. This epitome is a perfect example of mans demonstration of the true meaning of the word stupid!   Now a day’s drinking water in the summer heat is common knowledge because the automation of the television and radio newscasters who is consistently always reminding people to drink plenty of water in the summer heat.


This example is clearly what’s going on with the elites who want to destroy the world’s population. The population does not need to be destroyed, the population simply needs a overhaul of the physical infrastructure of our housing and a new way of communicating education to the vast immense populous on how to construct their new unit in their back yard.


In conclusion: Aquaponics in the year 2014 is the answer to the worlds fabricated out of proportion current problems of overpopulation.


This article was written by: Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr….


 June 15, 2014 - located at: in the menu section of the website under the year 2014.