The 2015 Housing Illusion of Freedom – Presented by: An Illusion of Possibly Your Mind


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 The 2015 Housing Illusion of Freedom – Presented by: An Illusion of Possibly Your Mind

Published: Februrary 18, 2015

Hello this is Gabriel De La Vega Jr., and once again I want to touch on the topic of housing in the United States of America and possibly other parts of the world.

Cascading the United States of America with my 18 wheel vehicle that I’m assigned to drive for my current slave owners of my wages that are taxed yearly by the Internal Revenue Service for the investment of my predetermined activities by the perverted politicians who want to invest my tax dollars in inventive ways to keep me a bona-fide slave and dependent on the government for my every need, now and in the future, with a bit of bias in favor for only the sexually mentally unethical perverted population of the American society.

The real, realistic action that the majority of Americans are participating in is: financing a house through a mortgage company that is right next door to your next door neighbor which is almost equivalent to living in an a apartment…

Now in this house that you may of signed a contract of 30 years or less and maybe more; you agreed to provide electricity to the house and water and buy gas for a car that you may of financed from a local car dealer which requires you to buy insurance all in a great effort to buy food from a local supermarket that sometimes might be 20 miles or farther away in rural area’s.

In Americas previous generations the majority used to own farms and be allowed to own chickens in their back yard, but some how the industrialized revolution has changed that option of life and now all your hard slave labor is obviously going down the gas tank of your motor vehicle and people are obviously getting murdered for the black crude, the majority of us call “oil”…

Although Stanley Meyers solved our dependency on oil by making his televised physical dune buggy run on the nightly news with pure water that includes numerous patents right now sitting with in the walls of the United States patent office, then he was bluntly poisoned in a food restaurant, naively trusting the food serving establishment not to give him poisoned food.  Stanley and his ideas and equipment were immediately silenced and we as a nation are right back in the slave seat listening to our slave owners and living in our little fragile wood and some times foam houses with the alarm home security companies installing microphones in our homes and cell phones listening for the next Stanley Meyers on the horizon, in order to swiftly silence the next unborn water car inventor as quickly as possible to keep the crude oil flowing.

If you live on at least a one acre piece of land and possibly a ½ acre you could erect a unit and feed your whole family fresh tilapia fish along with fresh vegetables that has a solar panel running the air pump that provides fresh air for your fish that poop in the water, then the water will flow into a rock bed that you can grow all your organic vegetables that can be harvested every 40 day’s year around on your calendar in any environment hot or cold.

If you had the land space and permissions from your county you could dig a well and have your own water supply, then use solar panels and other Quantum Electric Generator systems (QEG) that was invented by: Nikola Tesla in the year 1865 that was hidden from you by J.P. Morgan who I believe was the founder of Chase bank…

More information on how to build Tesla’s energy free generator is located at:

You can get a free open source download of Nikola Tesla's plans and drawings at this link:   Nikola Telsla's -  Energy Free Download Plans

You can also buy online video classes on how to build Nikola Tesla's (QEG) energy free generator at:  Video Classes on how to build: Nikola Tesla's Generator

Since 1865 the bankers have been doing every thing they can to keep every dollar we earn out of our paycheck funneled directly into their deep pockets, then they continue to use the government to divide a man from his children and a wife from her husband in many high tech methods created by banking scientist in secret slave laboratories in a great effort to keep us making interest payments for the necessities we need to survive in modern civilization. 

It’s quite obvious that sometimes these techniques back fire and thousands of people die in the process of these non stop wars that were created by bankers, or were not created by bankers, but only people revolting against the banking slave entrapment system simultaneously all together around the world and sometimes the residue of foreign wars affect the American population domestically in the United States of America.

The infrastructure of the new housing developments going up should include an aquaponics system to grow food, solar technology to provide your own electricity and an individual septic tank with a well attached to each house to eliminate the need to pay for public water and public electricity.

Most importantly an option to only buy gas for your vehicle to go to the grocery store if you feel like it, not because you’re forced to go in order to fight starvation!

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