The San Simon, AZ - Truck Scale House does not have a Fax Machine and will never get one…. 


San Simon, Arizona - Truck Scale House



Description of What Happened


I, Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr.: swear this is the truth on July 26, 2014…

 I was in the Penske repair shop getting my Air Conditioner Fixed.  Early in the morning around 10:00 am Central time I arrived at the shop with an A/C that was blowing hot air…

The service manager at the service desk asked to see my registration, I always keep a binder notebook on the dash of the truck I’m driving with all the necessary paper work in that notebook to operate the vehicle. Every legal document I had to that truck was in that binder notebook including: Registration, Proof of Insurance, IFTA and any other important document that I may need.

After I handed the service manager my paper work he urged me to go into the waiting room because it had air conditioning and I was melting and dripping with perspiration from the humid 106 degree heat in Laredo, TX.

During my wait in the waiting room I ordered a $40.00 pizza to prevent my self from starving and shared it with the mechanics…

Right around 7:15 pm late in the evening my truck was ready, I spent around 9 hours in that shop and I simply forget to retrieve the note book with all my paperwork off the service manager’s service counter.

The load I had was already 5 days late when it got to my hands because of some logistical loading mistakes by the people who loaded the truck, so this was a critical load and had to be delivered on time. I was getting calls all day from various dispatchers, and brokers associated with this load and I’m currently running electronic log books.  Every move I made associated to this load had to be perfect and flawless because of these electronic log books and the load had to be delivered on time. Fortunately the load was delivered on time at 8:00 am to the city of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Once I arrived at the Scale House on the border of Arizona and New Mexico I reached for my notebook on the dash and the book was not there. I did do my pre check that morning by thumping all the tires and making sure the truck was going to make the trip with out any breakdowns. I had several notebooks on my dash and I never considered the most important note book that I needed was sitting on the Penske service managers counter.

The scale house police officer on duty “Jason Kolton”  he smiled greatly when he realized I did not have any documents and we proceeded to communicate, my first question was: “Do you have a Fax machine? “ Jason replied with a big NO!

I immediately realized if they had a fax machine I could have my office fax over all the documents in a matter of minutes and they would not be able to write me a ticket and get any money out of me.

I had a similar incident to this in the year 2003 at a scale house and they had a fax machine, needless to say I simply had my company fax over the documents and that was the end of it.

My perception on what is going on here is that scale house deliberately does not have a fax machine or any service close to it because that would hurt the financial profit of the scale house.

My perception of Public Safety is:

 They are supposed to protect and serve the community with our tax dollars, not set up speed traps or scale house traps for financial profit at the sake of truck drivers being human and misplacing a piece of printed paper.  Officer Kolton claims he tells drivers to carry a small printer in their truck at all times to prevent unloading all kinds of cash at his scale house. The only form of registration accepted at this scale house in San Simon, AZ according to Kolton is a printed piece of paper. He will not accept a picture on my cell phone of the document.

Back again to the fact this particular scale house does not have a Fax machine and plans on never having a Fax machine, this fine tuned fact floating in mid air is so obvious that a blind man can detect that this is a for profit scale house in business to rip off  the general public.

I had to fork over $153.00 of my personal money to officer Kolton just to get out of that scale house because I was running out of time on my electronic log books to deliver this critical load on time,` my dispatcher refused to pay the $153.00 because it was my fault for forgetting my note book on the service counter in Laredo, TX.

I do admit under the stress of having 3 air conditioning pumps replaced in 3 weeks and spending over 30 hours in various Penske repair shops across the southwest part of the United States I was stressed out, hot pissed off at the summer heat, especially at night which caused my sleeping bunk and pillow to be a very wet sweaty mess in the morning after sleeping in heat over 100 degrees…

 I simply forgot my note book at the Laredo, TX Penske repair shop…

At this time as I’m writing you a letter Penske is now replacing the 4th air conditioning pump in the truck at the Penske repair shop in Las Vegas, Nevada…

Penske claims they will have a brand new 2015 truck waiting for me in El Paso, TX.


Today is now: August 12, 2014…

Some how I did end up with a new truck for now, but the fact remains our public safety officers  seem to not really care about our public safety but have taken the role of raking cash in from the innocent motorist of America, professional drivers and simply regular drivers.

It seems every corner a person takes in a large city or small town you find trained beggars on every corner with their hand out without any shame. Young healthy youthful men on the corner begging for money, you also find police officers in uniform on every corner that has no shame and are professionals at stealing the money from tax paying citizens trying to get from point A to B.

Really, it’s the mentally retarded sexual perverted political machine that is running the country that is really responsible, but our police officers have no shame in stealing the bread money off the table of hard working tax paying citizens.

 The San Simon Scale house on the border of Arizona and New Mexico headed west bound on Interstate 10 towards California is the perfect example of the severe senseless fact that, this particular scale house will not allow a fax to be sent to it!

 The true absolute fact is the truck drivers are the reason that scale house is there… The truck drivers should be considered state business since the business of any scale house in any state is the truck drivers…

The tickets that these vampire fanged blood thirsty officers write could range into thousands of dollars for not having a printed copy of your insurance and registration, this “No Fax Machine” protocol at the San Simon, AZ scale house is in my mind criminal. Yes, these people are running a scam that is fleecing America out of their money on the I-10 Interstate in San Simon, Arizona with our Federal and State tax dollars.

My point is our tax dollars should be used for state business that includes paper and toner for any United States scale house as a priority… Now a day’s it seems that the priority in government is Domino’s pizza and their next bonus.  Look at the  Veterans Administration in the year 2014 as a perfect example of government considering their bonuses over the lives of Veterans like myself who depend on the military benefit that I have planned on using as my primary health provider  medical benefit that I’m 100 percent entitled too… But the (VA) just continues to give me the run around and simply try’s to kill me every chance they get once I go into the Phoenix VA facility for any health reason.

This is the truth; the police have no shame in what they are doing… These young people act like they were raised by a bunch of homosexuals who have had 2 parents named Joe Bob, who married Joe Bob of the same sex with no shame in front of God or their fellow man.

Thank God for Texas, those Republicans in Texas recognize it is wrong for a man to marry a man then raise a child that came out of Joe Bobs Ass!

Texas voted no on same sex marriage, simply because they feel it would ruin the sociological structure of the children in Texas and would only create poverty and chaos for the children and women of Texas…

Today looking at the police officers in Arizona and California, they are absolutely correct!

If you are reading this today start a petition that requires the San Simon, Arizona scale house to get a fax machine and allow innocent truck drivers to have their missing paper worked faxed over to them.  After the fax has been sent and the drivers insurance is not valid, well then write the ticket… But if the driver has valid insurance and registration let him roll and that would be the end of it.

The public safety officers of America have to stop being money collectors and start doing their job, which is protecting us the general public from thieves, in this scenario unfortunately the fact is the police officer’s in this picture I just painted are the thieves.  I wish I could write the opposite material about how wonderful and fortunate we as a society are to have these brave individuals put their life on the line for us.  But unfortunately they only end up getting engulfed in stealing money from normal hard working people like my self who pay upwards of 30% in taxes each pay check…

We pay the pay check of these guys in uniform, then they turn around and demand more money from us because that’s now and has always been their priority.

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