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The Mind Set of the Native USA Arizonian -White Caucasian - Nazi - White Man - Woman and White Culture…


I moved to the state of Arizona in 2003, in order to own my own taxi for the 1st time in my life without paying the Las Vegas, Nevada mafia government over $1,000,000.00 USD plus pocket change and a battalion of lawyers for a medallion, in order  to own and drive my own taxi in the state of Nevada.


I’m not going to beat the bush on this subject but only get to nuts and bolts of the situation.


From the time of birth the white Arizona human of the Caucasian race has been taught to pre package any living Mexican American or Mexican National into a box.


If any Mexican’s escape the box that was made for them to stay in, the Arizona community as a whole will immediately attempt to literally kill the Mexican, just like the movie root’s where the ship transporter used to gather up the blacks in Africa with net’s, horses and pre- programmed black working slave’s to gather blacks that were destined for the black pre packaged box.


Escape from this box created by evil white fag and perverted white people simply translates into death and punishment on planet earth from the white community who are the creators of this box!


With the help of the Holy Spirit and Jesus the son of the almighty God named Jehovah the creator of all life as we know it, I was able to use that holy power to view this whole picture in my mind and to transfer this information to you…


You a fellow human on earth that is destined for hell or heaven under the 1 and only God who has commanded you not to sin as the 1st man on earth did…


Whose name is called Adam and he has a wife called Eve who is possibly right now alive in hell!


Regardless if you are an Arizona white human or a Mexican, black etc…


I sincerely want to save your life!


In order to save your life from hell I have to explain the truth to you as I see it.


What you white American Arizonians are doing is sin, in the eyes of God...


Sin will get you immediately sucked into the vacuum cleaner of hell which is explained in detail within the videos at .


Since I lived and worked in Arizona since 2003, I’ve seen just about everything in Arizona and I can assure you the content on this web page is 100% accurate and is hitting the center of the bull’s eye!


Now Arizona is infested with fags and demons living inside the bodies and souls of these Arizona people who think they are going to accomplish something by using the internet to brain wash other white Americans and other white people across the world to think that wiping out everyone who is not white is going to somehow bring an utopia state of pure white living to planet earth.


Let me stop you white people right there!


This type of behavior is only going to get you sent straight to hell in a basket!


Jehovah the creator of life who created us does not play games.


According to the videos at our creator does not play games!


If you as a white Arizonian got in a car accident this minute and died you may get time to see the white light and ask Jesus for forgiveness, but according to the video’s of people who have died and come back to life you more than likely will go straight to hell without a court date or trial.


You see God’s court is not like the court on earth.


God knows the truth, and ignorance of the law is no excuse!


Accept Jesus and live as pure as you can or else hell is your place for eternity.


I really want to stress the importance of this…


This is serious business for every human on earth to watch the video’s and understand these videos at and then you can honestly say you are an educated person.


If you really want to get an education watch the videos at


I joined the U.S. Coast Guard at the age of 17 years old and was brain washed to save lives…


I can not help my self, I simply want to assist you in saving your own life from the eternal fires of: “Hell”!


Now Arizonian Sheriff Joe Arpaio is a walking piece of trash and a fellow U.S. military veteran and I really do not feel anyone should die in hell and continuously burn in pain for ever in 3,000 degree heat!


But then again, I'm not God, so what do I know about physical pain and punishment!


Sheriff Law enforcement officer Joe Arpaio should immediately repent and ask Jesus for forgiveness and simply resign from his office before he accumulates more evidence against himself in the court of law of Jehovah.


And all of you politicians who fell for the lies of the white Arizonians should immediately repent to Jesus for forgiveness.


White Arizona stop trying to play God!


Being racist against your fellow humans on earth only gets you a ticket straight to Hell!


This perfect english speaking utopia of a human, and a perfect human mathematical, college algebra walking calculator and simultaneously a  Johnny Apple seed fruit picker, is simply some sort of prefabricated human that does not exist when you grow up under a fruit tree with no government grants for college.


It's seems that America only accepts white and blacks for the American population; America I have news for you... God is color blind, and accepts every one since he created all life and Hell does not discrimiate!


White Arizona is currently creating this fag lie, day by day, in the state of  white Arizona, and this is something Hitler tried to perfect in order to have a perfect human race on planet earth.


The only perfection out of this is a perfect place for demons to live, which is these self made evil humans made without God,  out of a white man’s imagination, and self created evil who has to kill their fellow humans in order to be a perfect demon of hell with earrings or tattoo’s all over their body!


Let me remind you obvious sinners while you are still on the surface of earth,” Hell is real”!


All this garbage about a perfect human white race is hogwash!


All this perfection is coming from the thought process of Satan and all his demons and evil spirits on earth living within the white Arizonian human and is only going to get you white people that much closer to the fire’s of hell!


Bottom line to all you white people who hate Mexican’s with a passion in order for you to have a planet that accepts fags, group sex etc… Is to repent right now! To Jesus and pick up the pieces and forget all of that hogwash, and simply work together with the rest of us humans in doing the work of Jesus right  now!


This second!


So that we as humans on planet earth can distinguish the truth about hell and heaven from the video’s at!


As a volunteer honorably discharged enlisted ex military leader…


After watching these video's at: a confirmation of the scripture's in the Bible and my personal communication with Jesus, along with 2012 technology and scientific evidence of Hell and Heaven, has immediately prompted myself, Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr to give you my fellow humans on earth the order under the authority of Jesus Christ himself, for every human on earth to get the life saving job done now!


Not tomorrow!


Save your life and everyone else’s life that does not know the truth about physical death and the reality of Hell and Heaven!


The truth is: and the truth hurts severely forever non stop, no matter how you package it, you were born to go straight to hell, and without the love and forgiveness of Jesus that's exactly where you are going...


Have you ever heard the saying that: "If it sounds to good to be true it probably is!" well if someone tells you hell is not real, or hell is some sort of lie and you will go to paradise with out Jesus, or maybe someone is scamming you and telling you that you simply die, according to 2012 scientific fact, absolute death simply sounds to good to be true!


Face the fact Jack!


Today's technology and mass communication via the internet has revealed the truth about our death.  The reality is: there is no death!  Only continuous non stop life either in Heaven or Hell!


Is the world going to stop spinning because you physically die?


Is God Jehovah going to change his justice system simply because you need him to accommodate your sin and life without Jesus?


Reality is no!


Please drink you morning coffee and wake up and face reality!


You need Jesus to enter Heaven!


Most importantly get to know Jesus!



Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr.

President & C.E.O. of:





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