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The Great American Food Conspiracy


Let me make this short sweet and simple… I’ve recently discovered a subversive act on behalf of the housing and food industry acting as one entity.

As I was driving around the United States of America, as an American Truck Driver, I noticed a bunch of new housing neighborhoods going up. I’ve always questioned myself and other individuals as to why these new houses are being built with out any kind of natural yard for natural human people?

Well recently as I have been searching a way to feed my face without paying the high cost of food at my local supermarket I discovered a Aquaponics website that has a patent pending pump along with plans on the green house with all the equipment you need to feed a family of eight forever only for $2,500 and some change for the materials to build your 20 foot by 30 foot green house that produces food year round every 40 days along with fresh fish.

The fish poop feeds the plants and the system is all automated where the only thing you do is feed the fish, then harvest your produce and fish every 40 days. The website address is Now if you wanted to scale up your operation and become a commercial farmer that option is also available.

Now that I have all the pieces in front of you, people with a minimum IQ should be able to see what’s going on here…

My brief research on the internet about the subject of Aquaponics seems to of gotten it’s starting point in the 1970’s decade, today in the year 2014 these systems have developed into a automated process that can feed a family of eight forever with a minimal amount of water and electricity as this 20 foot by 30 foot miniature green house farms are placed on the side of neighbor hood houses.

Truthfully between me and you, the new houses should already come with the 20ft x 30ft Aquaponics farm already attached to the house.

Chickens eat fish and just about anything you throw at them, you must also give chickens grit for digestion which is some kind of miniature rocks. Now the fish food and the electricity is the energy going into the system. If you can feed your chickens off the system of food for the fish you now can harvest eggs, chicken, fish and any type of vegetable that you want to grow along with various fruits every 40 day’s that grow in rocks, not dirt!

My perception on what’s going on is the handful of rich people; in the United States Government want complete control of their people that they feel they own like a piece of equipment. This explains the leaks with Sweeney and the National Security Administration (NSA) the folks with the money simply want you spending you’re hard earned dollars on their expensive gas at the gas pump, and their expensive overpriced food at your local supermarket.

The truth is we could have been off of gasoline in 1998 with the efforts of Stanley Myers and his dune buggy that ran off of pure water.  Stanley was staged to go into mass production in order to distribute his simply snap in place system of running your car off of lake and rain water. The Arabs offered him “$1 Billion” dollars and maybe more, Stanley refused the offer and he was poisoned in a restaurant in 1998.

Since the 1970’s I’ve noticed the housing in America getting closer and closer together, after a family spends $150,000 and up for a house 10 feet from their neighbors front door, the United States government knows they will be to embarrassed over their stupidity on the sale of their house to buy a Aquaponics Greenhouse simply because this new family on the neighborhood block does not have room for the Green house after the paper work and sale has finished the escrow office.

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