I Found the Beast Described in the Bible- It’s called the FDA of the United States of America (Food and Drug Administration)




If you thought about the United States conspiracy in the Veterans Administration killing their Veterans in the VA hospital, well that’s absolutely nothing compared to the cold blooded murder the FDA has been conducting ever since their existence in the world called earth.


Now this murder has not been only restricted to the United States, we are talking patents and the brain washing of doctors and government officials. “PHARMA” (Pharmaceutical companies who have joined together as a industry around the world) These guys are kind of like the oil companies who kill’s anyone who can make a car run on pure water like  the inventor Stanley Myers who was poisoned at a restaurant for making a car run on water.


These guys are far worse, they have bought our United States Government and they currently hold the key to life and death of every person on earth, in the United States the FDA needs to be immediately destroyed for supporting the brain washing of doctors who want to use radiation and expensive drugs to punish people who have cancer before they die. Those drugs and methods “do not cure” cancer, they only “treat cancer”…


Dr. Burzynski along with numerous other doctors in the past have been “Curing” patients with cancer naturally for over 40 years with out radiation and the side effects of the PHARMA’s drugs.


Right now you need to drop everything your doing and watch this video at: http://youtu.be/2BH9XTxb290  - one way or another if you care about yourself or your fellow man on earth, this video will probably bring a tear of anger to your eyeball when you discover what the FDA has been doing with our tax dollars.


The FDA has been suppressing scientist like Dr. Burzynski with our tax dollars; meanwhile their callused hearts have been killing millions of people around the world because the real cure of cancer is being suppressed by the FDA while they are oppressing the people of the United States and the world with death!


 Cruel inhumane death… This is where the radiation doctors actually stick a laser beam of radiation in the ear of the person who has cancer, the result is: the beam comes out the other ear destroying vital organs that a human needs to survive on earth, it also simultaneously makes the person lose all of their hair…


In the background the FDA knows the natural cures for cancer and probably uses it on themselves along with their family members while they giggle and laugh at the rest of us, for accepting radiation and drugs as a way or torturing a person before they die of cancer with the cure suppressed from them.


This is equivalent to the Holocaust in Nazi Germany and every other dictator who has used the power of a government to kill all the people in the vicinity of the government.


All the countries around the world seriously need to gang up on the FDA of the United States and destroy it for the survival of the human race…


Dismantle it; it’s an invisible monster killing everyone!


Today statistics are 1 in 3 people will get cancer due to all the food modification and cancerous products deliberately allowed into the food system of the United States by the FDA to cause cancer, so they can sell a little bottle of continuous “treatment” medicine for $5,000 per bottle to the insurance companies until the person with cancer dies, instead of being cured.


We probably need a revolution in the United States to get rid of the FDA.


Folks, would you rather get murdered by the FDA with out even fighting back, or do you want to die fighting?


Each individual person in every country of the world needs to wake up and smell the coffee then realize your doctor is trained to kill you by PHARMA, the doctor may think he is helping you, but the truth is most of the time, the doctor will kill you with all the drugs that he has been ordered to sell by PHARMA. 


These doctors get bonuses from  PHARMA, most of the doctors are on the payroll of PHARMA.


The United States government is currently the enemy of every American for using their own tax dollars to slowly murder every American while less Americans are born to replace us because of all the abortion clinics around the country that use our tax dollars to brain wash mothers to kill their own babies in their stomach.


In the stomach or out of the stomach the United States government and PHARMA could care less about your quality of life or your life period!


They are just a hand full of people who want your cash. Just like a cow going to the slaughter house and goes “Moo”, before they cut off his head.


To watch numerous videos on this subject you can go to www.videoknows.com



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