Once again the Patent Office rejects my Claims.

             This message extends to everyone who has a driver's license.  My live mobile Video system would make every moving vehicle on planet earth equivalent to a T.V. station broadcasting live video footage and we the providers of that video would get paid in American dollars.

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             But, the T.V stations want to be the only video provider making the money on the live video feed broadcasted from anywhere it's like a communist control of our live mobile video feed.

            Once again, trying not to be redundant, my live mobile video system would make everyone in a moving vehicle a T.V. station on wheels on demand 24/7 in a world wide environment.

            But guess what?

 The boy's who own the television stations don't want the competition.  Big brother phone companies will let you watch live video on your cell phone for $20.00 a month from NBC or CBS but not from Joe blow the truck driver or Susie the taxi cab driver for $20.00 for 60 tokens which is worth 1 minute per token.

It's an absolute "sin" according to my lawyer that I really didn't have the money to present my case properly in the year 1996 to the patent office and that I had to take the poor man's route to the patent office which goes to show that in this country if you have an idea keep your mouth shut until you can afford $10,000 and some change for a patent attorney that won't sell your idea to the highest bidder in some kind of thieving idea stealing scheme.

Bottom line is I will not give up on us poor individual drivers of the world and I still have 3 months from the new year of 2009 to appeal this case which I intend on doing.

So it's not over yet!

We the unemployed chariots of live video will continue the fight with the U.S. communist  governmental patent office for our right to execute one of the most unique business applications applied to live mobile video ever created and we the people of the world expect protection from the U.S. patent office.

These phone companies are equivalent to Enron the electric company, they simply want to control and rape us and not allows us citizens to make any money with the infrastructure we already pay for which is our phone bill.  If I pay my phone bill I should have the right to make money with it any way I please and not have the phone companies pay off the U.S patent office to block and control us consumers of this airtime we purchase to only use it the way they want us to use like a communist country.


Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr.

President and C.E.O


January 11, 2009


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A  Kentucky truck driver and a Latino motorist is shot down and killed by an off duty ex - police officer committing a drive by shooting…
The American Truck Driver is victimized by the Truck Giants and is currently assisted by the U.S. Government in the financial rape of the U.S. Truck Driver...

If my pending patent is approved I'm now worth at least $5 million dollars to start!

Two companies that I know of have copied my patent pending business concept with and with out a motor vehicle attached to the cameras which I have a pending patent too on the whole concept..

One company is out of Israel and the other is from California.

Their web page claim the Israel Company was given 1 million dollars to start and the other California Company was given 4 million dollars to start. All the money they make may be my money soon if the patent office does their job and allows my pending patent..

It figure's and adds up to 1 of these companies is from California which is mostly made of fags and the other company is from Israel which are Jews that don't appreciate Jesus Christ.

Both these companies are trying to steal my concept and make it worthless by giving the live mobile video away for free.  But let me remind you this is nothing in comparison to what I offer.

I offer 2 additional incomes plus profit sharing which is attached to my live mobile video application

You get income just for keeping my camera on 3 weeks out of the 4 weeks of the month. Plus a up front immediate cash income  anytime any 1 to a zillion people buy time to log  into your live mobile video camera then, you immediately keep $15.00 out of $20.00 spent per transaction for one hour of viewing time in a mobile moving environment.

These people have no respect for me nor my pending patent and that�s because they are simply fags and Jews and I'm a straight God fearing American / Mexican and all you people now streaming live mobile video notify the patent office and urge them to approve my pending patent so we can really get the show on the road and get rid of these jerk off companies who are trying to steal my business application and make it worth nothing by giving away the live mobile video for free. 

This concept originally started with me in the year 1996.

Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr.

P.S. These Jews and Fags will keep America pinned down for ever unless we the people have our own revolution and make our own laws without these 2 populations getting involved in our civilized infrastructure.

Today's page update date:

 November 13, 2008

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Too Much Government…

We the people of America have way too much government, spending money on legally enforcing worthless endeavors.

  • Road side speed camera's

  • Police who have no boundaries.

  • Fathers who have not seen their children in 15 years due to restraining orders and a fagatized kidnapping government.

  • Underpaid commercial truck drivers.

  • Overpaid government politicians.

  • The 1 and only Patent office that thinks an inventor's lifespan is a hundred years and will not do their job, then simply wait for the USA to survive with out pending patents being allowed to be a real patent.

  • I'm still waiting on the patent office...

This is my personal list of too much government in the USA…

I highly suggest a revolution is healthy for the economy and the general health of American citizens.

 Currently the people of America are working for dreams that only materialize in other countries outside of the United States of America.

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Today's page update date:

 November 13, 2008


The scope and potential death of a nation due to, too much governmental intervention in a man's personal life when perversion and unnatural people run our lives without God and any religious restraints on personal behavior...


Immediate warning to all USA men regarding: child support, Satan, and evil women who want to eat out other women...
Then dump the male husband!


I feel it should be a mandatory law that all United States commercial truck driver's should make a minimum of $2,000.00 per week.  If you feel the same way; click here and send your thoughts to  President Bush and his staff in the white house.  Let them know we should all stop pulling freight unless this law is passed.  We should all sign this petition below to make this law go through.

Save the Trucks



Date this message was Updated: October 14, 2008,

          You the American people and all people of the world should immediately write the U.S. patent office a letter and urge them to process and approve my patent this time around as it is being resubmitted through their office simply because it's a for sure way to put fuel in your gas tank.  If you have live mobile internet riders giving you $20.00 a pop as a normal taxi rider would and $15.00 dollars of that fee is automatically deposited in your bank account then you can withdraw that money and use it for gas and serve a mobile purpose for the people paying you $20.00 for 60 tokens which equals 60 minutes, each token is worth a minute; remember bandwidth is unlimited which means you can have 1 through a zillion riders in your smart car at the same time.

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 Please send your thoughts to: Commissioner for Patents, P.O. Box 1450, Alexandria Virginia, 22313-1450  / www.uspto.gov for the sovereignty of our right to human survival on earth .

    Please let them know with gas prices this high they should approve my patent so America, and the world will have another choice of how they prefer to fill up their motorized vehicle with gas.  This is a very serious patent and I urge everyone at this time with gas prices going through the roof not to let this patent slip through the cracks. It's a proven technological fact this patent will help us survive this gas crises and cushion the future prices that will arrive soon.  This patent should have been approved at least 3 years ago. Please give your reason why this unique patent should be approved. Also please ask the people of Virginia to forgive Gabriel De La Vega Jr. for applying for a  huge massive patent while being a Mexican / American in this global economic mess and ask them to let you the white and black people of America a opportunity to sponsor me into the patent office so we the people of America can get this Live Mobile Video on the road immediately!


The worst United States governmental system for controlling traffic, for people who live right here in the Good Ole USA…


The Gift of Tongues…


What s the Future of the United States if the Fuel Price Stay s Right around $3.00 a gallon and up from there?


The Tremendous Wrath of the Desert…


The Evolution  and Method of the Fags taking over the U.S. White House and the U.S. Government along with all the Youth of the United States.


Buy something today at:  Store is under construction...

As you can see these fags have got me pinned down financially and every step I take in Arizona it is written illegal in black and white to say the word faggot and is a civil crime according to an Arizona lawyer I spoke to.

Again not to seem redundant, but it is illegal to say use, or think the word faggot in front a person who is a faggot in the fag state of Arizona (USA), this type of law needs to be wiped off the books and buried with Holy water!

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All you straight people who believe saying the word faggot should not in any way imaginable be against the Arizona state law and straight people should retain our right of a free speech law that is embedded in the constitution of the United States, please consider buying something from my online store and sustain my straight existence to free speech, so I can continue to use the word faggot any time and any where, without persecution by the current Fag administration controlling every facet of the United States government. 

I have thousands of products for sale and I simply need thousands of God fearing customers . And if you are currently a "Fag" I will not discriminate against you I will take your money and send you your product because that is my job and I do my job correctly because I’m not a “Fag”, simply a straight God fearing dude putting up with a Fag government way out of control and when it comes to discrimination, once the Fags get into office  they discriminate God, Justice in the court rooms and day to day services to straight people...

Because they can’t help them selves!

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Simply because the Fags in charge of the infrastructure that supports the straight peoples day to day lives are demonized, filled with the spirit of Satan and down to earth plain old Joe “Fags”!

The best thing America and the rest of the world can do is pray that the demonized Satan spirit filled “Fags" don’t have any control over the controls in our society that supports our infrastructure to income, housing, food and transportation.

The web site address to my online store with thousands of products is: Now under construction...


Is your personal and business U.S.MAIL being sent to an inspection station in Washington D.C. before it gets to you?


There's no one to vote for in the year 2008


Click here to read about the Crazy Mad Scientist who wants to create a half man, half chimp for body parts...


Here's an idea for you doubting American oil kiss ass engineers.



Why are all the politicians pushing electric cars down your throat and not talking about India's new production of AIR CARS?


Fag Security Guards Phoenix, Arizona United States of America

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Click here to view a car that runs on only air...

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The Air Powered Engine


Video #1 of: The Air Powered Car

Video #2 of: The Air Powered Car

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