These robotic Jew, homosexual Pink Colored Haired Fag’s hibernating in police uniforms has the tenacity to send me e-mail’s threatening my family with death...

My question to you the straight God Fearing Public is how much longer are you weasels hiding under rocks going to stay under the rock? 

Get up and go fight for the cross!

Jesus conquered death!

Preach Jesus!

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This site is not coming down regardless of Fag Cop Government threats and phone calls from people who simply do not believe in the love of Jesus,


Jesus  Love's You!

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Las Vegas, Nevada - above Ground Mausoleum for Sale!

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Classic 1972 Chevy Monte Carlo!


Don’t use eBay to sell your new and used products because their insertion fee's are ridiculous   and thru the roof!

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 eBay sent me an email today 06-22-2012, that said they don’t like the content on my web site and I don't meet their standards to be an associated business partner, so that means eBay is probably founded by a bunch of fags or else their staff is a bunch of fags...

This is my domain!

 And I use the word Fags!

To describe the problems the World Planet Earth has functioning day after day in the business world that is controlled by Fags who pervert the air in which we breathe and perverts the human reproduction system which we the rest of the world depend on when we get old and need labor to pick the fruit off the tree’s and to grow food which is now being attacked by FAG laws  black, yellow, brown and white Fag governments deteriorating the foundation of God and the Bible.

In other words stay away from eBay and stick to small stores on the internet like 1 of the many internet store’s online which is attached to this website to buy your valuable products!

Bottom line to the subject of Fags deteriorating the foundation of God and the human population is that I’m sticking to my guns and I’m not backing down to “Evil” which is the spirit of Satan the Devil who is living in the bodies of all the walking dead which are the sexually perverted and mentally perverted Fags who control the World economy which is currently spiraling into a nose dive to hell to live with Satan and burn eternally because Jesus is alive!

 Jesus the flesh and blood son of the creator of all life has warned you!

The people of planet earth not to be a “”FAG” because it make’s it that much harder for the Holy Spirit to live inside your body to produce children who can go to a fruit tree and pick a piece a fruit for your stomach versus a perverted Fag who can only cry for more government to make mommy and daddy stop preaching the truth which is Jesus, and justice for all the hungry stomachs that are not getting fed because their parents were Adam and Steve instead of Adam and Eve!

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These Fags  have been using sophisticated programmers to redirect some of my heavy duty Fag pages, so if a page does not come up please  email me at: [email protected]m and I will immediately fix the problem!

WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)

Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr.'s


Truck Driving History

 From: April 2010

To: April 2012

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The Mind Set of the Native USA Arizonian -White Caucasian - Nazi - White Man - Woman and White Culture…

WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)

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Dex the Telephone Book Company is running a Scam!

WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)

Today I'm in Las Vegas, Nevada looking for a ruthless lawyer who digs deep into a man’s emotions and who pull’s dollar bill’s out of a man’s guts!

WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)

U.S.A. Congress Leave Our Internet Alone!

WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)


    Look! At the Chinese ball mount Wal-Mart sold me , it came apart while I was towing my Pt. Cruiser,   Click here for more info about  this subject.



For More info click here

I’m hiring a lawyer...

All lawyers click here and read!



(MINUTE MAN project)

WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)

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As Of Today February 4, 2012; DNA Evidence Has Confirmed That Fags Have Been Breeding And Reproducing Themselves Through Elementary School Children...

 A partir de hoy 04 de febrero 2012; pruebas de DNA ha confirmado que los maricones se han estado reproduciendo y se reproducen a través niños de primaria ...

WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)

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The Before and After Picture of TAXI BABBLERMOUTH & ACCESSORIES, INC. -  Sending Something in the Mail with the United States Post Office!

WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)

On April 15, 2012, A Tennessee Cop Sticks A Flashlight In My Face In The Middle Of The Night While I'm Sleeping In A Love's Truck Stop In Columbia, TN

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El 15 de abril de 2012, un Cop Tennessee Sticks una linterna en mi cara en la mitad de la noche mientras duermo en Truck Stop Un amor en Columbia, TN

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Police Harassment At the Burger King On Tidewater Drive In Norfolk,VA - On March 14, 2012...

Hostigamiento de la policía
en el Burger King sobre Tidewater Drive In Norfolk, VA - El 14 de marzo 2012 ...

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WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)

An Arizona (USA) Police Officer Removed The License Plate Off My Car With A Screwdriver...

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Una de Arizona (USA) oficial de policía ha eliminado la matrícula de mi coche con un destornillador ...


WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)

I Pulled Out Every Single Bolt Attached To My Water Pump And The Pump Needed A 1/2 Inch Of Movable Space Inside The Engine Compartment To Come Out.  Do I Have to Drop the engine To Remove the Water Pump? The Answer Is: Yes!!!...

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Cada pasante Vinculado a mi bomba de agua y la bomba se necesita un espacio de ½ pulgada móvil en el compartimento motor para salir. ¿Tengo que dejar caer el motor para eliminar la bomba de agua? La respuesta es: ....

WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)


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International Trade!


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The Evolution  and Method of the Fags taking over the U.S. White House and the U.S. Government along with all the Youth of the United States...

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La evolución y el método de los maricones que tienen sobre la Casa Blanca de U.S. y el Gobierno de los U.S.A. a lo largo de toda la juventud de los Estados Unidos...

WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)

Fag Security Guards Phoenix, Arizona United States of America...

Guardias de seguridad en Phoenix, Arizona, Estados Unidos de América...

WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)


Are we the human population simply animals who think about sex all the time?

WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)


Today's Update:

 September 6, 2010


                To recap on what I've been preaching for the last 14 years is I need $500,000.00 dollars right now today! to get a gadget out on the market that will provide millions of job's world wide.

 (My Phone  Number: (540)-524-0737)

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                If  you American Martin Luther  King butt sniffers want to keep sniffing Martin Luther Kings butt instead of investing in my business application so I can provide jobs to all you butt sniffers go right ahead and sniff his butt and give Obama a good butt sniffing while your at it.


               I've also noticed some deep tensions over the last few months about us dark Latino Mexican North Americans roaming North America, the area where we originated from before the black and white people arrived on boats to this North American area.


             To ease the tensions of you other people who don't like the looks, sound or other features about us Mexican Americans I've analyzed the situation and came to the conclusion that the reason the American economy went south to the border of Mexico financially is because some of my fellow blood Mexicans in Arizona failed to put out good tasting Mexican food that is normally served in California and the other surrounding States in the United States. 


             For some odd reason Arizona is lacking good Mexican restaurants and that has caused all the white people in Arizona to get pissed off including Arizona politicians and the author of this page: Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr.


           So, all a sudden Arizona decided to be its own country and incarcerate Mexicans in the United States of Arizona jails with a court date 2 years into the future until these Mexicans died physically, financially or else by family separation.

          Now to ease the tensions I've been traveling the country and at this time I can recommend 2 very good Mexican restaurants. 


          If all you pissed off American Mexican American Texanos that fought for the United States in the Mexican American war; which by the way is the reason why America won the Mexican American war, and if all you pissed off Arizonian white and black people go to these Mexican restaurants that I recommend you may have a different feeling about attempting to annihilate all of us dark Latino people off the face of the North American continent and beyond.

 WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)

The 1st Mexican restaurant I recommend is:

Dos Amigos

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Located in: Winnemucca, Nevada

It is inside a casino right across the street from the Flying J Truck stop

WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)

The 2nd Mexican restaurant I recommend is:
El Tapatio
Located in: Fruita, Colorado
I'ts near a street called (Cretaceous ct.)
Its right next to a Verizon store and across the street from a truck stop called Loco.

WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)

I will update this list as I come across these restaurants that have been stamped and approved by: me the great Mexican who likes Mexican authentic food.  So please return to this section of my website for more updates.





          Notes: (A Texano is a Texas Mexican who decided he wanted to be white trash and fought for the White man during the Mexican American War only to find out later that he would be a victim of discrimination in a Country that he gave his life for).



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Today's Update: 

August 9, 2010


                 My business application is still valid and works, my unique 1 and only explosive and powerful business application will provide millions of jobs world wide.


               The question is why have I not been funded yet?


              My conclusion of why I haven't been able to get the immediate $500,000.00 necessary to launch the first unit on the market of this explosive businesses application is because it's like a puzzle and you have to put all the pieces together like a puzzle…


             Doing my job of driving a commercial vehicle while Mexican in Arizona and other parts of the USA and Canada I started to listen to Coast to Coast Am Radio and a guest speaker named Jim Marr who spoke on the radio station and is also a journalist and private investigator for many decades has written several books on the subject of our U.S. government.


             One of the subjects he talks about is that the Federal Reserve is simply another name for the Central Bank of the world connected to the United Nations who backs its currency by pure dictatorship, which is nothing more than a handful of elitist or globalist or simply a bunch of rich people who are nothing more than a bunch of perverted atheists who don't believe in moral practices, ethics nor God.

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According to Jim Marr and his investigations in 1974 during  President Gerald Ford's administration in the United States a study was made by the white house in the good old USA,  his group  came to the conclusion that the worlds over population of human people was a national threat to national security of the United States.


           The hand full of world wide elitist are part of the USA government and they vowed to create war and famine in order to reduce the world's population which has no regard in who dies first or where they die and that includes the United States.


              In other words to be blunt and forward not only is the United States collecting and stealing your American tax dollars and giving it to the Federal Reserve that can not be audited because where the money goes is a secret. But now we know the Federal Reserve is a bunch dictator''s who charge the American tax payers interest on their money and wants the American public dead so the dollar will collapse and Central Bank of the world can demand and impose 1 world currency backed by nothing more than hot air and dictatorship and a complete totalitarian rule.


           According to Jim Marr he has well grounded evidence and a list of 100 microbiologists that have been assassinated for coming up with cures for cancer and several other diseases to keep the human population alive.


              You might wonder how and why all this ties into my business application being funded?

The answer is:


1)      My business application will give poor people, middle class people and rich people the ability to make unlimited income in 1 day by doing what they normally do any way which is drive a motorized vehicle and this is something the Central Bank does not want to happen.


2)      My independent contracted live mobile video providers attached to TAXI BABBLERMOUTH & ACCESSORIES, INC. (TBA) will get paid in American dollars world wide which will make poor people in poor countries very rich over night and they can buy food to stay alive which is something the Central Bank of the World does not want to happen. According to Jim Marr and his investigation the globalist want everyone except themselves dead.
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3)      In the year 2000 a taxi driver in Las Vegas, Nevada with my exact same name was shot in the head and laid to rest in a Las Vegas golf course; when I returned to Las Vegas, Nevada about 40 Las Vegas taxi drivers approached me and claimed they went to my funeral because they thought it was me in the box. I was out of town training as a semi truck driver when this happened so what else were they supposed to think?  The pieces are now starting to be put together…


 This central bank and its hierarchy of financial angels strategically placed thought-out the financial world knows my business application works so they tried to kill me in the year 2000.


Then the evil financial angels possessed by the spirit of Satan; the same spirit that destroyed the world trade center with  underground bombs and airplanes immediately set the direction of  the internet camera  technology into the forms of local and national governmental speed camera's funded by the World Wide National bank who owns our Federal Reserve Legal and Tender ($)Dollar Notes in the USA and are not allowed to be audited by the American people which puts our politicians in the position of being guilty of Treason against the United States and everything it stands for; these Satan possessed American global politicians deserve to be hanged by many Pissed off Americans and a rope attached to a real 100% American tree grown in the good old USA.


This country was established by people who believe in Christian worship God and praying in public schools or anywhere with freedom; not fag marriage.


The financial gay, fag, atheists evil angels of the financial world proceeded forward by polluting our environment with the use of perverted camera technology on the road ways and street intersections so we pay the governments of the world controlled by the hand full of rich people who want the rest of us dead to take video of us instead of us the inhabitants of the world; us human creatures made in the image of God charging the governments of the world and the Satanic Evil Atheist in the Main World Wide Central Bank for invading our privacy!

The Federal Reserve or simply known as the Central Bank of the world does not want me succeeding because it is helping people instead of  accomplishing their goal which is killing people.

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        In conclusion we the people of the World and especially the USA need to find the money to fund my project, then we need to get rid of the oil giants and pursue air technology or else utilize ocean wave's turning turbines and storing and transporting the energy produced naturally by the waves of the ocean to provide stored electricity in batteries to operate compressors to pump clean pure air into air motors.


         In between the lines everyone needs to accept Jesus along with the living and powerful not weak, Holy Sprit as the Lord and savoir of your eternal soul for a positive eternity.


       Then we need to elect someone like Ron Paul for president who desperately wants to get rid of the Federal Reserve


       All this effort may involve some sort of physical, mental or spiritual Revolution!


          Bottom line is: my business application will create Millions of World Wide Jobs, which is much bigger than the average citizen realizes because it's so simple and it works!


          This business application which is the main focus of my website is from the good gracious eternal "Alpha and Omega" God given to you the people thru me Gabriel De La Vega Jr. a simple messenger delivering the product and message.


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Today's Update Date is: May 20, 2010


I currently have a business set up that will provide millions of jobs world wide.

 You people that have a ½ million dollars to invest should call me immediately with the money especially now when everyone needs a real job.

Call me now with the money or else text me so we can meet in person with my business plan.

Once again my phone number is: 540-524-0737

Please Call Gabe Today Before It's to Late!

We The People of the World Need Real Live Mobile Video Jobs Supplied by!


Today's Update Date is: April 12, 2010

       The last time I updated this site was September of 2009. Since September some remarkable events have been revealing themselves to the world.

The focus of my website has been and still is getting my live mobile system off the ground and into the hands of people who drive, and who pump gas from Nazi controlled suppliers at your local gas station into a tank on a motorized vehicle and I'm interested in people who would like to get some of that money out of their gas tank and back into their wallet.  With my live mobile video system everyday breathing human people can now have a second source of income by purchasing this unique Live Mobile Video system that I've created.

          I'm still searching for an investor so please call me on my cell phone, Gabe at: 540-524-0737 USA this very unique business application that I have personally anointed with my unique talent to make something out of nothing and will create millions of jobs plus produce millions and billions of dollars for the investors who dare to take a step of faith in my business application and the 1 and only creator who throughout the years was by my side guiding me though the hellish fight involved to expose this simple business method to the world. So, you individuals with money don't hesitate to call me and let's get this system started immediately!

           I currently only need $500,000 dollars right now!

         Call me and make an appointment to examine my business plan and let's get started now while the economy is still standing and in the mode of financial recovery with a unique determined Holy Sprit filled entrepreneur like me can successfuly launch this insane bizarre world wide mobile video business application in the hands of the working people who deserve it!

Working people like truck drivers who have to raise their children thru a postage stamp and watch their wives head over to the neighbors house for sex thru rumors from friends and used rubbers under the bed, because the husband truck driver is gone for months at a time, in some cases the truck driver only has to be gone overnight for some of the wives to go get sex from someone else that doesn’t work but stay’s home and collect’s welfare money off the truck driver or soldier at war and then bangs his wife as way of saying thank you for the sacrifice.

Click here, to make your own free electricity with homemade solar panels for a few bucks!

Option #2,

Make your own free electricity with a newly invented and marketed home magnetic generator!

Make your own electricity with a newly invented and marketed home magnetic generator!


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Click here to enter the page all about Jesus!


Jesus in a picture!

Hell Really Exists!




Today's Update September 12, 2009


                      Today's update is to inform you the overburden world that my business application is not yet a dead piece of junk ready for the scrap pile

                      An undisclosed source has taken upon him self to use his experience with patents to pull this unique business application out of abandonment by attempting to raise money for my patent attorney to go forward with what needs to be done.

                     Meanwhile at this point of this unique 1 and only live mobile video business systems life which is approaching the 14 year mark. I can still accept money from investors to get the primary prototype on the market for investors.  In the very near future I will be contacting companies that will be directly involved in one way or another and attempt to strike a deal with them on getting the money necessary to penetrate the market so we the people of the world can use this remarkable business application to stimulate the world economy with my live mobile video system that no one on planet earth has submitted to the American patent office accept for me.

                   I'm currently the only flesh and blood human being on planet earth filled with the Holy Sprit from the 1 and only almighty God who has a son named Jesus who has submitted such and application among all the searches that have been done by the U.S Patent office over the last 6 years.

                  In other words this is the big one!!!   I only need start up funding to provide millions of jobs to people who desperately need jobs.

                   I'm not going to give up if you the inhabitants of planet earth are not giving up on this unique Live Mobile Video business application.

                   If any one wants to fork out the money on the biggest start up planet earth has ever seen please call:  Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr.

My new phone number is: 540-524-0737

                 If you want me to pick you up in a Lincoln town car taxi that I'm currently using as my shift cab in the valley of Phoenix Arizona, please call me to pick you up at: 480-233-8449 I also accept all credit cards.


WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)WDR01SLK.GIF (1506 bytes)

Today's Patent Pending update date is: June 7, 2009

The end of this 13 year journey is now ending and a new totalitarian communistic photogenic oppressive control freak government who is now going to control your lives until you the people have a revolution and straighten out the patent process so a poor individual that does not belong to a wealthy rich unlimited money supply corporation; but who is simply  poor , can legally  have an idea and get the patent office to provide patent protection to this poor persons intellectual property.


In order to complete the patent process $10,000 to $20,000 is needed in an average patent; in my case I gave my lawyer $5,000 cash for the provisional patent and another $4,000 and some change to complete the non provisional patent and now he needs another $5,000 to complete the fight.

Product Menu Page!

According to my lawyer this pending patent will totally be abandoned June 11, 2009 by the U.S. patent office with out the $700.00 necessary to complete the extension.


At this point is looks hopeless to get the money in time to get an extension and that is why I writing you the world and all my dedicated followers who tried to help me out financially by giving me good healthy taxis rides.  Unfortunately the lord currently wants the evil fag totalitarian  government of this world to control your lives for some unknown godly reason and I'm simply  allowing the lord to work his magic and I can honestly say I went as far as I could go with the patenting process and with the money and resources that I had and I currently feel no shame or regret and I would do it all over again for you the innocent people of this world and all the physical human DNA children that I personally created in this world.


 This idea works and it's a good idea that creates jobs that the rich fag and Nazi people of this world do not want us to have, They honestly want to control you the poor people with freeway camera's and if they could legally put guns and bullets on the freeway camera's they would, so instead of shooting you with digital film they would shoot you with real bullets and kill you and your whole family on the spot, They currently have such a system on the Israeli border in Israel.

I simply now want to say thank you to all my supporters and my next project is to write a paper back book called the "Patent Process" which you should see in book stores in a few years or sooner describing my 13 year journey with the patent office and what a individual inventor should do with an idea which is:


Keep your mouth shut and save $10,000 to $20,000 dollars to pay your patent attorney before you even think about your idea in front of anyone.


That's the bottom line and I will see all of you out on the road…

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Yellow Cab / Phoenix, Arizona

Today April 22, 2009  is the beginning of a gigantic individual revolution.

If you the people of the world want me: Gabriel De La Vega Jr. the C.E.O of  TAXI BABBLERMOUTH & ACCESSORIES, INC.  To continue too proceed forward in the patenting process I will tell you how to do it…

Hundreds of way's to make money online on 1 page!

I'm currently driving a yellow cab in the city of Phoenix, Arizona USA and the surrounding cities like Mesa, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Chandler, Avondale you name it the whole valley.

About Health!

My pending patent will provide millions of jobs on a world wide scale if the patent office smells the coffee and gives me what I originally created and I should have the legal right to own it.

My suggestion to you the people of the world who desire new jobs for this wobbling world is for every one to fly on a airplane to the phoenix valley as soon as possible and use the yellow cab company because I need to pay my lawyer a new filing fee of $700.00 dollars by or before May 11, 2009 and as we all know the banks are not loaning money to a Mexican / American person like me with a glass ceiling over my head, especially since the economy collapsed because some racist politicians sent back all the immigrants who produce our national gross product to their country of origin.

So, everyone in the world needs to come over to phoenix and give me money personally in my yellow cab.  I usually work 17 out of 24 hours 7 day's a week until I can find freedom in an un-free country.  So everyone come over in an effort to pay my attorney so millions of jobs can be created.

That's all for now until the next patent pending update!

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P.S. I'm not allowed to pick up at the Airport but I'm allowed to pick up at all the casinos in the valley and the more radio calls for yellow cab the better!

It's now discreetly up to you!

The people of the world!

You personally have until May 11th 2009 to get this money in my hands.

Yes you!

No one else is going to get the money in my hands unless you the people do it.

Don't depend on your government to do anything worthwhile for yourselves. You the people have to pull up your boot straps and get me the measly $700.00 now!

I simply need more rides in my taxi.

Make your own electricity for a few bucks!

Patent Pending Update!

We the people of the world who are greatly concerned about creating an economic explosive job creation device such as my 1 and only patent pending live mobile video application will continue the uphill fight with the U.S. patent office.
The president and C.E.O. and inventor of the TAXI BABBLERMOUTH & ACCESSORIES, INC. patent pending invention Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr., has just moved into the first step of buying a 30 day extension from the patent office in an effort to secure millions of jobs for individuals on a global scale in this new global economy that has evolved before the eye's of the 6 billion plus humans who currently inhabit our planet called earth; and usually drive a motorized vehicle to work.
The fight for our dignity as honest hard working human individuals of this planet who are now still currently continually fighting the system the rich individuals of planet earth have developed to keep the poor individuals of this planet poor is still on!
The fight for our sacred human rights is still on!
The right to think and be poor at the same time should be legal!
Today's date of this important update for everyone concerned is:

 March 1, 2009

Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr
President and C.E.O.

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