An Arizona (USA) Police Officer Removed The License Plate Off My Car With A Screwdriver…

All negative legal action against Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr. is invalid and considered void and fruitless because, under the current corrupt condition of the Henderson, Nevada (USA) law, there is no valid law pertaining to Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr., until the police officer named “Bostick” along with his employer the Henderson Nevada Police Department is brought to Justice for their crime against Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr. for lying on behalf of Police Officer “Bostick” for falsely claiming that Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr. "kicked" police officer “Bostick” in the balls. 

This is a false accusation that was witnessed by at least 1 other fellow police officer next to “Bostick” at the time of the actual arrest and locking of the handcuffs on Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr.'s forever living body in "Heaven" or "Hell", located at: Ivy street in Henderson, Nevada in the year 1993 in the month of December...

The other police officer who witnessed the lie in action, and who without hesitation agreed to participate with police officer “Bostick” in this horrific crime agaisnt Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr., is now an accessory to the crime and should also be punished extensively for his participation in the actual lie.

Any cop who compromises the lively hood of a decent American citizen like Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr.; then compromises his own job along with the reputation of the Henderson, Nevada (USA) Police Department is sincerely in my opinion, a coward! To lower his self to the level of the low life cop named “Bostick” who has to answer to the creator of all life for his crime against Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr., and the creator’s name is “Jehovah” who is known around the universe as “God.”

If the Henderson Nevada Police Department, and the United States of America wants Mr. Gabriel De La Vega to enter into a contract with the Henderson, Nevada Police Department as Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr. being a innocent United States citizen that kicked Henderson, Nevada police officer “Bostick” in the balls; Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr. declines the contract and makes it void as the purchaser of this criminal contract that was originated in the Henderson, Nevada Justice court and physical courtroom.

In other simple words:

Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr. wants his money and personal life, reputation and police file on earth fully restored back to "innocent", prior to the date before the Henderson, Nevada Police Department visited his residence in the year 1993 in December, which includes monetary compensation for 19 years of extreme mental anguish that has affected every facet of his life.

All negative legal activity against Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr. is an attempt by the legal institution of America and the Henderson, Nevada (USA) Police Department to cover up an evil crime against Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr. by trying to distract him from the truth of  the fact ,that our (USA) home land justice system is corrupt and not worthy of any respect, until respect is earned, by: allowing poor individual citizens of the United States of America to have money for a decent loyal lawyer, who is a uncorrupted attorney to defend a innocent individual in Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr.’s situation.

The filth and financial corruption of the Henderson, Nevada Police and local Nevada courts stink so bad, the scent and stench has alarmed the heavens in which God lives.

Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr. will take this to the United States of America Supreme Court, for further consideration of the pure innocence that Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr. is worthy of carrying the title of “innocent” and all the time and money spent in the last 19 years of his life, starting from the date of the false charge originated, which was 1993 shall be reimbursed to him in the form of a monetary reimbursement, and monetary compensation for severe mental anguish from the Henderson, Nevada Police Department.

One of the many law's that were violated by the Henderson, Nevada Police Department that I'm going to sue under is, police disobedience in reference to:

The Fair Housing Act of 1968 (FHA) (42U.S.C.A. §§ 3601-3631) is also known as Title VIII of the civil rights act of 1968. Congress passed the act in an effort to impose a comprehensive solution to the problem of unlawful discrimination in housing based on race, color, sex, national origin, or religion

I have the right to equal rights; police service to my residence 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, not only when the Henderson, Nevada Police department wants to serve my needs as a equal citizen in a neighborhood at that time in 1993; which was a majority white populated neighborhood.

The Cop "Bostick" bluntly told me quote :

" You have no rights".

And you cops who work with and personally know Bostick, knows he does this kind of stuff!


The whole world of 195 countries  knows...

My mouth is like a run - a - way - train, and that’s why they call me the “Babblermouth!”

The extremely negative repercussions in my life since the Henderson, Nevada police visit has been enormous till this day, in the year 2012.

Face the fact, the trash man and the police man come with the house...

It's a fact Jack!

At this time in my life in the year 2012, it is very difficult to trust a United States Police Officer with the responsibility he possess in his authority over any citizen of the United States, without mobile video controls, and civilian un-biased home-based and mobile phone monitors watching the police officers every move and word out of his mouth while he is on duty, such as my Patent Pending Live Mobile Video, Unique Business Application attached to this website (Click Here).

Until that time of earthly Justice, under the Umbrella of Jesus, God and the Holy Sprit, Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr. is considered innocent; on the pure fact God knows the truth and has assigned angels to Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr. to insure Justice will be delivered under the Kingdom of God.

All men, women, children and all living forms of life who support the evil of the Henderson, Nevada police department will be assisting in a huge enormous lie, and in reference to the American Bible of the United States of America which clearly illustrates, all un-forgiven liars will go straight to Hell!

My personal experience with Bank of America is:  Bank of America charge's way to many fee’s, and in my opinion they are a bunch of idiotic thieves, bank with a bank that is going to treat you fairly like a credit union or a bank other than...

 “Bank of America!”

Bank of America!

There are not enough labor related jobs to go around in the United States of America.

The current solution to fix the problem is to put a boot up Obama’s butt, and kick him to the curb this election year!

Vote for anyone this year except this 1 man band named “Obama Care” who wants to dictate our entire life in America up to the day of our human body, earthly death.

This African idiot named President Obama also "affirms" homosexuality, which only pisses off God! 

The creator of all life!

Regardless of what you may think “Jesus” is, or is not…

Jesus is the only way out of Hell, and Jesus is the only way into Heaven.

Think Jesus!

I Charge the Henderson, Nevada Police Department  with Kidnapping..

Every country in the world who thinks the Henderson, Nevada Police Department is evil and a product of sin is absolutely correct...

 According to all the sexually perverted businesses and sexual home parties in the Henderson, Nevada area, the professional governing community such as the hospitals, police department along with the school teachers, is definitely a product of pure 100% sin, and according to the bible they will all go to Hell!

Now this evil filth may already be extended to the Unites States governing White House in Washington, DC.

Regardless of the height and depth of the evil, once you commit evil of this magnitude the repercussions are UN – stoppable, once the wrath of God and pure heavenly community justice has unfolded, there is nothing in the heavens or earth except for God himself to stop the wrath.

The discipline and Holy righteousness of the United States Honorable, Military Discharged Veterans like my self is the only hope, The United States of America has to get back on track to the road of:

Liberty and Justice for All”

Us dedicated pure Holy U.S.A. veterans are the watchdogs for the back of America!

This is a picture of a Rottweiler watch dog.

How many more seconds, minutes and hours go by before I will get justice for the crime the Henderson, Nevada Police Department placed on my shoulders by lying and involving the whole Henderson, Nevada, Police Department by covering up a lie, that is in reference to a life altering professional and personal lie in regards myself Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr, from a particular police department named above this sentence, utilizing a particular police officer named “Bostick”, who bluntly took over my life for the last 19 years by claiming I kicked him in the balls and he does not have a wrinkle or any damage on his clothing or his body from his accusation.

If I don’t get justice, no one in the future will ever get justice from this organized criminal operation..

I need Justice!


This cop and his police department associates, need to be locked up in their own jail, for at least a minimum of 19 years, "plus Hell after physical human body death!"

This is a September 28, 2012 quote from God and Jesus tramsmitted to myself, Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr. via the Holy Spirt.

Please read the small print...

The flames of Hell are waiting.

The Sue Cop Fund!

The Mind Set of Racist Arizona!

Three hundred years later - A Mexican's Homeland is Still Arizona!
Frequently asked questions...

Where are the white and black people going to go next?

Let's send them back to Africa, where they belong.

But 95% of blacks can't swim.


They can practice in the baby pool.

When their gone, what are we going to do?

Praise God and Party!

How does it feel black and white America, to hear stuff like this 24 hour's a day, 7 day's a week?

Us Mexican looking people are very pissed off!

I hope all you un - Godly - sexually perverted, un - American white and black fag demons, are now happy.

Us Mexican looking people stand next to God, in hopes his son's love, who's name is Jesus, will melt your demonized heart.

The majority of us Mexican looking people are Christians, and believe in the power of Jesus, to transform evil white and black America, into decent citizens.

Especially America's 2012 President "Obama" who: Approves of killing millions and maybe billions of tiny innocent baby children of Jesus through legal Obama health care
 Abortion, and
 "Affirms" homosexuality!

With a evil United States President like this, who thrives and survives off killing innocent children, how safe are you?


The Truck Driving Business...

The front of a semi truck!

Home of the 7 through 10

 Taxi Ride!

Start the video below to learn how to navigate my web site, all the videos on my web site, pop up into a full screen, simply by pushing the button on the bottom right hand corner of the screen.  You can also reduce the screen with the same button.

If the United States Government was serious about an economic recovery, they would deposit $500,000.00 US Dollars in my Pay Pal account right now!

 Outstandingly Beautiful!

Are we the human population simply animals who think about sex all the time?
If I really want to fight for the economic survival of the United States of America, which affects Mexico and other countries in the world, I will vote this year for some one other than 2012 President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.

Vote for a monkey in a tree!

But don’t vote for the current emotionally insane Obama idiots that are currently against the professional truck drivers that supply food, clothing and shelter to every American in the United States...

In the video below, USA 2012 President Obama is committing a great sin in front of the creator of all life who’s name is Jehovah the father of the worlds savior named Jesus of Nazareth

State as a fact; assert strongly and publicly.
Declare one's support for; uphold or defend.
confirm - aver - assert - corroborate - certify - allege

Homosexuality in the Bible

Thou shalt not lie wih mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination. -- Leviticus 18:22

A thing that causes disgust or hatred.
A feeling of hatred.

Obama's - Nation

Obama 0 votes!

Homosexuals (those "without natural affection") and their supporters (those "that have pleasure in them") are "worthy of death." (Romans 1:31-32)

If you vote for 2012 President Obama in the year 2012, you are voting for a president who "affirms" Fags in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, DC in the United States of America in front of a American Flag with dead previous, before Obama’s administration non Fag soldiers blood, stained on the cloth!

This is serious Biz!
Vote for some one other than Obama and Biden!

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I’m currently a mobile app. - mobile web page  consultant, my name is Gabe, and my phone number for a quote is:

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My email address for a quote is:

 [email protected]

Skype Name: gabe-the-babe1

My Picture in the United States Coast Guard, in the Year 1984:

My Picture in the United States Coast Guard in the Year 1984!

My question is:
Why did the whole white and black Henderson, Nevada (USA) police department of 1993 lie, and say I kicked their cop"Bostick" between the balls, then attack my life with 19 years of: day to day, United States of America, nation wide state to state police harassment, police protocol procedure to induce constant punishment with my current title as  a nation wide (CDL) truck driver and the President and C.E.O of Taxi BABBLERMOUTH & ACCESSORIES, INC...


Was my  ex - wife's hole really that good?

Did the evil, demonized, Satan possessed, Henderson, Nevada (USA) police department target me because I’m a God fearing, Jesus believing, vicious, dangerous,  gang member of the United States Coast Guard?

Why did they

Why did the Henderson, Nevada police department lie?

Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr.'s


Truck Driving History

 From: April 2010

To: April 2012


"Dogs [homosexuals?], sorcerers, whoremongers, idolaters" and along with anyone who ever told a lie will not enter the heavenly city. 22:15

Below is a certificate for superior showmanship as a yellow sash Kung Fu martial artist, in a Martial Arts tournament in the year 1991:

Kung Fu Certificat!

Like it or not racist white and black America, this is simply the truth!

This is almost equivalent to Tiger Woods the black professional Golfer strutting his professional golfing ability in white America!

It takes time to digest the truth!

Yes, other people of other races, other than white, including Mexican Americans like myself can get a certificate like the one seen in the picture below in the very elite military boot camp of the United States Coast Guard!

The real truth is: us hidden under the rug Mexican American's are the real backbone of the United States of America, and without us Mexican looking people working the farms and cattle of America you white and black Americans would starve, and the whole country of the United States would collapse. This is exactly what our Muslim fag oriented U.S. President Obama and all his world wide non American Muslim family and religious leaders, and the wide open racist open Klu Klux Klan Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona (USA),along with 90% of the white people and fags who live in Arizona, with out Jesus and Christian values desires to happen!

A total collapse of the United States economy and Muslim bibles distributed by the Obama administration which does not teach Jesus, but only teaches you how to be a weak, unacceptable in all categories, don't tell, don't ask military fag in Hell with Satan and (USA) President Obama, who is currently destined to swim in the pool of fire in Hell for all the lost souls who believed it was alright and legal to be a Fag, simply because American, pure, 100% idiots voted for president Obama and his Satan possessed demons, who say's it's okay to be a (homosexual) Fag!

Below is a certificate award for physical fitness, which is awarded by the United States Coast Guard. This certificate is only awarded to about 1% (1 Percent) of the recruits going through boot camp in the U.S. Coast Guard. The rest of the recruits will never ever get the opportunity to receive this award, simply because it is a once in a lifetime opportunity. You have to be some sort of highly professional aggressive athlete, like myself,(Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr.) to get this certificate!

Only 1% of the Coast Guard recruits receive this certificate!

According to the quote in the online encyclopedia, the curren2012 Vice President of the United States “Joe Biden” cursed God and does not like truck drivers who supply food, clothing, and shelter to everyone who lives in America!
Click here for the full story...

United States Vice President Biden Cursed God!

"On December 18, 1972,a few weeks after the election, Biden's wife and one-year-old daughter were killed
in an automobile accident while Christmas shopping in Hockessin, Delaware.[1] Neilia Biden's station wagon was hit by a tractor-trailer as she pulled out from an intersection; the truck driver was cleared of any wrongdoing.[32] Biden's two sons, Beau and Hunter, were critically injured in the accident, but both eventually made full recoveries.[1] Biden considered resigning to care for them;[12] he was persuaded not to by Senate Majority Leader Mike Mansfield and others and was sworn into office from one of their bedsides.[33] The accident left Biden filled with both anger and religious doubt: "I liked to [walk around seedy neighborhoods] at night when I thought there was a better chance of finding a fight ... I had not known I was capable of such rage ... I felt God had played a horrible trick on me."[34]"

In the video below, Joe Biden is simultaneously worried about pharmaceutical drugs and car tires…

This is a picture of my father:
Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Sr.

This is a picture of my father, Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Sr.

Below is My Las Vegas, Nevada (USA) Taxi ID Photo from the Year 1994:

My Las Vegas, Nevada (USA) Taxi ID picture from the year 1995

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The 1 and only United States President Obama” should be voted out of office, as quickly as he was voted into office!

The reason he should be voted out of office is: for a more 

"Positive" Governmental  Change!"

Vote for a president who does not allow fags in any military organization!

Fags on a military boat cause causality's and death to the fag and crew members who get court marshaled for killing the fag.

"We the People" need to change U.S. Obama like a dirty pair of underware!

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Jesus in a picture!

I Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr., have a message for all you idiots in the world!

You are not going to physically die, death is not an option!

You are going to someday wake up in Hell!


You are going to someday wake up in: “Heaven with Jesus!”
Personal note; in heaven you do not need money, you only need

Hell Really Exists!


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About Health!

I Charge the Henderson, Nevada Police Department with Kidnapping!


My question to you:

Police Officer

 “Bostick” and the Henderson,Nevada Police Department is:

Who made you God and gave you the authority to lie under the cover of the badge?

I also have a question for all you “Fags” in the world:

Who made you God and gave you the authority to be a “Fag”?

At this time I must remind you the world the only authority in the world is the creator of the world, whose
name is Jehovah, who is known as God and wrote the 10 commandments in the Bible with his finger into a stone tablet,
in front of Moses a human, and Jesus who is the son of God arrived to save you humans
who think you are the creator of the heavens and planet earth and your name is
God, from yourselves, simply because you are not

Once again I must remind you fellow humans that I share earth with that you are human!

Who were created by

Who is not human,
but God!

Just like any other species on planet earth, us humans were designed to live a certain way under a certain set of rules to promote a healthy life on earth!

Once you
pervert the law of God, you pervert life on earth and death usually arrives on a large scale, simply because of the lies and sin in humans running rampant on earth, which is simply pushing God to
destroy man's life on the surface of earth!

I Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr. …

Personally give all credit to the birth of this web site and every word printed on it to Police Officer “Bostick” who is "white" of the Henderson, Nevada Police Department, and the creator God who viewed the lie of “Police Officer Bostick” in live Godly video, who inspired myself Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr. to create this web site from my very intelligent God given Mexican brains cells to your brain cell’s via my fingertips on my personal 10" inch by 7" inch computer because of the evil crime and sin this poor excuse for a Police Officer “Bostick” committed against God, myself, and you the innocent white and black authentic American and Mexican public!

Police officer "Bostick" who belongs to the unique evil team of police officer’s on the face of God’s planet, Jehovah the father of our Savior and our only God who is Jesus, who rules the planet we call earth with his gift of eternal life in heaven or hell and planet earth being home to 7 billion children of Jesus and counting!

You the public of the world can  either accept Jesus or else literally and most defiantly physically feel, suffer, experience and forever, night after night with no light eternally go to "Hell!"

Lake of Fire!
Click here to listen to a 30 second live recording from hell!
This was recorded by a mining company in Siberia,who drilled a hole in the ground, then stuck a microphone down the shaft to listen for plate movement, and instead of plate movement, they found millions of people
alive with eternal life in hell screaming...
This dig was prophesied in the bible located at: “they dig into hell…”--- Amos 9:2


Only a true living God of his word can do such a thing to his creation!

It's called truth!

Site Navigation Menu...

Product Menu Page!

Now, that I got your attention with this beautiful blond…


This web site is my court of law for true, sincere, honest "Justice"!

I'm the whistle blower!

And please wake up to the truth!

I’m an honorably discharged veteran with a veteran’s license plate shown below, and my word should be worth: "Gold!"

Only an honorably discharged veteran is allowed to get a veteran's plate!

Veteran's License Plate!

Your own United States police force is trying to discredit my creditability by telling you that I was not honorably discharged, when in truth and reality...

 I was!

What’s up?

These are simply racist American United States government foreigners on the U.S payroll from other parts of the world inside the infrastructure of the American government telling you the American public miles and miles of pure 100% lies from the tongue of Satan to destroy this country within!

And they are minute by minute now as I’m typing you this they are interrupting my internet connection and sending me threats that just said I should be aware of sharks and a picture of a guy with a inner tube swimming.

Every day I seem to be getting 1 subtle threat from these Jewish Fag governmental foreigners inside American police uniforms!

Site Navigation Menu...

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They all smell like demonized rats who need rat poison in their morning coffee!

They have too much unauthorized power!

You cops!

Do not have the authorization to get into my wife’s hole or any other hole that does not belong to you because you work for us the American People!

And you get paid by us the people!

And we the people protect your authority!

Your penis does not pay you!

And you!

 The people of the world!

Have the right to know this crap is real!

And this unveiled truth is a threat to your National Security!

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Any movie producer or book writer who wants to make a movie of my true story about myself:

 Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr.

Whose ex wife had sex with the Henderson, Nevada Police department with all the information listed within the pages of this web site…

I will sell the rights today for only:

 $5,000,000.00 U.S. dollars

Call me today at: (540) 524-0737

If the phone does not work email me at:

 [email protected]


Yes You!

The innocent everyday working people of the world including the racist white and black people!

Have the human right to know the downright lowlife, horrific, unbelievable truth!

About the Henderson, Nevada police department who is absolutely without a doubt corrupted and very evil and a potential threat to the overall National Security of this Nation and possibly the world!

The Henderson ,Nevada Police Station is located in the United States of America 100 miles north of Kingman, Arizona off the I-40 Interstate...

You need this information in order to protect your family from the Henderson, Nevada police department!

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