Video Evidence about 9/11 Reveals Defense Contractors is currently the Worlds Enemy…


9/11 Government Conpiracy Evidence



Video Evidence about 9/11 Reveals Defense Contractors is currently the Worlds Enemy…

Published: November 13, 2014

After examining this video that is attached to this webpage, it’s clear to see who the invisible enemy of the United States people and world really is.  In order for defense contractors to stay in business a terrorist attack has to take place every so often someplace in America or the world.

            What a way to move the world economy… 

The most compelling part about this video is the 14 foot wide hole that the 457 airplane made into the Pentagon with out any plane parts on the ground when a 457 Boeing has a wing span of over 100 feet with a tail height of over 40 feet high.

 From all the evidence on this video it clearly exposes the evidence to the point where any one with a kindergarten education can clearly understand that the U.S. Government is some how involved in the 9/11 cover up conspiracy.

It looks like war makes money and a fabricated war is a good way to make our government officials line their pockets with cash. This can clearly be called blood money. Satan is the father of all lies, he has entered and has successfully corrupted the United States government to the point where the majority of politicians are using our tax dollars to host parties with paid prostitutes using our hard paid tax dollars that were earned by regular people who joined the military then died or else are currently wounded and living on $2,000 per month for ever with horrific medical treatment in the United States Veterans hospitals.

What a sacrifice for an invisible enemy called Satan!

Question is: who’s the invisible hero who can save the day? 

The answer is clearly: Jesus the Son of God who is part of the Trinity. (Father, Son, Holy Spirit).

These people who have all this cash spending money to keep tabs on us through technological breakthroughs in surveillance devices simply want to control the world’s population like a puppet on a string while they sit on top of a skyscraper in an office some where counting their cash in one dollar bills every night before they go to sleep.

These people are simply money driven people with out any morals or common sense ethics.  They are either going to die of natural causes and live in hell for eternity or else die from their own weapons being used against them, that will embed them in a eternity of hell forever.

In conclusion, I give this video 5 stars and every American needs to watch it.

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