This is the 80th and 81st plus 83rd ticket.




This is the 80th and 81st plus 83rd ticket.

This is the highest form of sewer water on the face of the earth. 

Being harassed and robbed by caucasian , anglo saxon white pieces of trash cops (KKK, Police). 

Paid off  by  a Jewish, fagot, mayor!

There is currently 7 Billion people in this world and 13 million Jews living on planet earth.

The Mayor of Las Vegas is  Jewish which means Las Vegas is now infested with Jewish teachings.   

I was born in Las Vegas;  this is the most corrupt sewer water hole in the World.

The cops in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada should all eat and drink sewer water and die belly up!

They act and lie like sewer water!

Two million Jews inhabit the state of  New York located in the United States America where the United Nations of the world is located that make all the perverted Jewish influential Fag decisions to deterioate the foundation of the belief in Jesus and insert the belief that Jesus is a phony according to my Jewish customers who ride in the back seat of my taxi in Vegas.

Six and 1/2 million Jews currently live in the United States of  America.

So that means the other 5 Million of  the Jews are still in Israel trying to wipe out the rest of the world with the decieved Americans mind, army, slave labor, and every penny the United States has ever made since it's conception as a country!

Source: (

My question to the public is how did 13 million Jews out of 7 billion people end up controlling the banking system and movie industry.?

I'll tell you how through deception lies and the plantation of Fag seeds in our society to make America nothing more than a bunch of helpless fags dependent on the Jewish influential decisions of the United Nations which is currently trying to wipe out the Mexican Population in the Country of the United States because 1 Mexican named:

 Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr.

Who in reality and truth is, an honorably discharged Veteran of the United States Coast Guard who's job is to protect the Coast from foreign enemies And is on to something

and is on to something!

And has the balls to speak out!

About the truth which is Jesus!

And is working his butt off to protect his family and the country of the United States!

And the country of Mexico !

In which the United States of America  day by day uses Mexican labor on the farm to feed America and if these Mexican's are forced to shut down America as we know it will probably cease to exist and starve!

The only thing blacks want to do now a day's is play football, basketball maybe some baseball and watch Oprah Winfrey loose weight on television, who is now worth 2.7 billion U.S. dollars!

These imported black people are not going to constantly tend the fields and fuel the engine of America for long periods of time, remember the movie "Roots"... 

These type of solutions of importing black immigrants that are not Mexicans to tend the fields are simply a tool for more blacks getting over here to get a white woman pregnant and for them to say they are related to Oprah Winfrey's 2.7 Billon dollars!

Only the Mexicans have the ritual customs and thousands of years of acriculture skills built in there blood line by the creator God!

For the purpose of feeding North America!

I myself have Mexican blood and I have tingle in my veins to farm and make a enormous amounts of children because that's what God created me to do!

This Mexican labor contributes to blacks playing football!

 Mexican's feed the black American football players who originated from the movie "Roots"!

You see what happened was those former black plantation workers decided it was time to be football players and products of discrimination and decided to stop working in the fields.

So now farmers have to use tractors to farm and underpaid truckdrivers to deliver thier crops.

But what about fruit and lettuce and the Mexicans who work in the processing plants in Kansas packing and killing cattle day after day and the thousands of Mexicans that only work at feeding America day after day , genaraton after generation!

No imported black family can replace the functional engine that is already in place.


The United States can attempt to get rid of the Mexican's with a handful of Jew's in the United Nations located in New York, United States of America, but...

Are you America willing to gamble on inported black people to contiually  feed you year after year?

On the imported African black labor farm!

 When there are all kinds of commercials on television which say a mind is a terrible thing to waste with a picture of a black male with his pants below his butt and his right hand on his dick and his left hand around his white female ex kkk klan wife!

Now for the white population to reley on the slight race mixture of the  5% of the white American tractor and machine farm work force which is into agriculture and transportion to feed themselves.

That in itself is a Joke!

Because the way things are going 9 out of 10 white males will be sucking each others dicks and married as Adam and Steve and the their will be no white children left to take over of the duties of the American farm because the only way Fags can make babies is by inserting sperm into lesbians pussy's to make farm children...

If that works by perveting the law of God which is a huge gamble with the Americans who now depend on the current farming methods that include the underground Mexican workers who are now invisible to the American eye except when the American eat's their vegatables at the dinner table.

So when the Adam and Steve family farmer dies so does that supply of food...

Right now!

As I'm typing this China is now having a labor shortage because "Evil" communist dick sucking male fag's have entered their country and some how reduced their labor force of young new people to work!

The other day I got a call from a woman who lost her emotions and asked me if Jew was there in a harsh voice which tells me these Jew's want me so bad they got their mother calling me!

I now know where the threats are continuously coming from and I tell you today!

You Jewish Fag Police Cops!

We the Christians and Mexican's out number you and we are now coming after the "Evil" you have spread all over America and were going to clean up the mess you have made of this country and then we will let Jesus decided what to do with you because he is the Son of God and the:


These Jewish chosen people of God are like a crop infection of some unknown insect!

 I know...

 Jesus was a Jew but the Jews gave authority to nail the son of God Jesus to the cross just as they are giving the authority today to nail all the Mexicans in America to the cross with all this Mexican crap on CNN news television with Lou Dobbs and this Fag cross dressing  pink underwear Sheriff Joseph M. Arpaio in Phoenix Arizona!

Bottom line to this web page is I'm a Christian!

I'm filled with the Holy Spirit and I'm currently on good speaking terms with Jesus for the last 2 1/2 years almost 3 years, and I'm right here with Jesus and my living leather padded, robust, bubbling bible is my mouse pad and he want's me to let all you Jew's know, no B.S this is real!

Even though Jesus is Jewish he want's all you Jews to know those nails really did hurt!

Wake up America!

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Date ticket was issued: March  20, 2000.

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